A New Report Details How Danny Masterson’s Rape Accusers Were Intimidated By The Church Of Scientology

Danny Masterson’s arrest on rape charges has sent shockwaves through Hollywood as well as the Church of Scientology as the group’s involvement in apparently covering up these incidents becomes more public as the case unfolds. Masterson was charged earlier this month with three counts of rape years after he was fired by Netflix from The Ranch after allegations against him first surfaced.

His accusers, who initially sued both Masterson and the Church of Scientology in 2019 over sexual assault allegations, have reacted positively to the news that their alleged rapist will stand trail for his crimes. And former Scientologist Leah Remini issued a warning to the church that more of its interference will become public as the case goes to trial. And it seems we’re already learning some of the harrowing details of what Masterson’s accusers dealt with in response to bringing allegations to the organization’s attention.

Page Six reported on Sunday that the church actively intimidated members when they alerted it to Masterson’s sexual misconduct in an attempt to smother details from getting outside of the church, making them go through “security checks” where they would be convinced there was a reason things happened to them.

“Maybe you’d be directed into finding that, 10 million years ago, you enslaved a whole city and ­allowed your soldiers to rape all the women,” (Ex-Scientologist Geoff) Levin added. “[And] that is the reason why this is happening to you now. It is brainwashing to the Nth degree.”

Ryan, the lawyer, told The Post that it “is accurate” that the women experienced intimidation tactics by the church. “It was part of the pressure campaign to force them into ­silence.”

The details of various ways the accusers were intimidated are as harrowing as they are varied. The only named accuser said she was stalked by church members, spit on, and even thinks they had her pets killed.

Indeed, the civil suit details allegations of such tactics. In it, Bixler claims that she was stalked by church members and filmed; that “an agent of [Scientology]” spit on her after she caught him trying to hack her phone; and that there were threats to leak nude photos of an underage Bixler. According to the suit, she believes that Scientology representatives contributed to the deaths of two of her family’s pets.

Tony Ortega, editor of The Underground Bunker, a Scientology-investigating website, said: “[Founder] L. Ron Hubbard called [such procedures] noisy investigations. Not only do they surveil you, but they want you to know it via very creepy encounters. They want to convince you to stop ­exposing Scientology because it causes too many emotional issues in your life.”

It’s another example of the sentiment that Masterson’s trial will be as much a trial for his crimes but also the church and the way they are alleged to have actively covered up his actions to protect both the actor but the church itself. One source in the story was asked about the chances the church stops protecting Masterson, and it may be entirely determined by whether the case goes to trial or not.

“It’s a tenuous situation,” he told The Post. “It depends entirely on Masterson taking a plea deal. If he takes a plea deal and coughs up to [the allegations], which will implicate a number of Scientologists, they will cut him off. They will say, ‘We threw you out years ago.’ ”

But, Rinder said, that would be a last-ditch effort. “They all have to stay on the same page and keep their stories straight,” he speculated. “Scientology is afraid that if they condemn Danny, he will turn on them. It may be in his interest to keep ­everybody on the same team, coming up with the same defense.”

The story has many other details about the Masterson family and its relationship to the church, but the treatment of Masterson’s alleged victims is a scary reminder of the power it has over some in Hollywood and the fear of criticizing its members that’s been created over the years.

[via Page Six]