Danny McBride’s Son Repeated One Of His ‘Truly Tasteless Jokes’ To His Entire Kindergarten Class

Danny McBride stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday evening while doing the rounds for Alien: Covenant, where he talked for a bit about the trials and tribulations parenting. As you may or may not be aware, McBride used to work as a substitute teacher before making it big in comedy, and when asked whether or not his teaching experience helped prepare him for parenthood, McBride responded, “You would think it would … My wife and I, we have a five-year-old and a two-year-old daughter, so it’s all new for us.”

McBride went on to detail his appreciation for the Truly Tasteless Jokes books, which many of us had as kids but McBride was apparently so fond of that he actually tracked them down on eBay, and now frequently recites around the house for the purpose of disgusting his wife. “And she’s been telling me, you better chill with that, because like, they’re listening to you and they’re going to repeat these things,” he continued, telling his wife, “He never listens to me, he’s not listening to anything I’m saying.”

So who can guess what happens next in this story? If you answered, “Danny McBride’s son got up in front of his entire pre-kindergarten class and asked them what the difference between a girlfriend and a wife is,” then winner winner chicken dinner. My man, kids listen to everything — although it’s safe to say he’s now learned that lesson the hard way.

McBride later talked about the movie itself, and working with Ridley Scott, who did not mess around with tennis balls and green screens while filming in Australia, as well as the Future of Eastbound & Down.