Lauren Cohan Hints At Who Negan Will Kill In ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale

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03.27.16 44 Comments


In tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, “East,” showrunner Scott Gimple (along with co-writer Channing Powell) did what The Walking Dead loves to do most: Torture its viewers. The episode ended with Michonne and Glenn captured by the Saviors and tied up. When Rosita and Daryl attempted to rescue them, Dwight walked up behind Daryl and … shot him.

If you watch the scene a few times, however, it’s clear that it’s not a kill shot. Not only does Dwight say, “You’ll be alright” after the scene fades to black, but the shot clearly hits Daryl below the head and in the shoulder, causing the blood to splatter all over the camera.

It’s a quick jolt of terror soon followed by the realization that Daryl will survive to live another day. In fact, he’ll almost certainly survive long enough to meet Negan.

Will Negan kill him?

We actually have a fairly good guess as to whom Negan will kill in next week’s season finale.

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