Dave Chappelle Saluted A ‘Pretty Incredible Day’ And Then Delivered A Scathing (But Also Funny) Monologue For Trump And America

Dave Chappelle hosted SNL in 2016 on the Saturday after Donald Trump’s stunning election victory. Four years later, Chappelle is back on a milestone day, since Joe Biden’s presidential victory (and Trump’s transformation into a one-term president) was called on Saturday morning. Like the week-long wait for election results, a college football game in OT led to a delayed broadcast, but the eventual arrival of Chappelle in action smoothed some over frayed U.S. nerves.

As Chappelle put things after taking the stage, it’s a “pretty incredible day.”

However, the suit-and-sneakers clad comedian didn’t refrain from the bitingly-edgy humor for which he’s known. Nor was he afraid of “triggering” viewers by “thanking” COVID for putting mass shootings (by white gunmen on the fringe) on hold. “Remember life before COVID?” he asked. “Mass shooting every week. Thank God for COVID. Something had to lock these murderous whites up. And keep them in the house.”

He also made a particularly apt comparison of Trump catching the virus (and no one questioning how it happened) to a “raw-dogging” man in the 1970s. Then there was that moment when he torched Chris Christie for being so, uh, appealing to COVID.

Other choice lines included the following: (1) “I don’t know why poor whites don’t like wearing masks. You wear a mask at the Klan rally. Wear it at Walmart too!” (2) “Try wearing the mask I’ve had to wear all these years. I can’t even tell [whether] something [is] true without a punchline behind it.”

It’s good to have Chappelle back on SNL with the night still (relatively) young.