Dave Chappelle Helps You Fill Out Your New Year’s Plans With This Preview Of His Third Netflix Special

For those who are staying in on New Year’s Eve, Netflix and Dave Chappelle are giving you the perfect way to usher in 2018. While the streaming giant is providing plenty of silly countdowns for the kids in your household, the adults can enjoy the newest stand-up special from Chappelle. Equanimity is the third special the comedian has dropped on Netflix and the preview above shows that Chappelle clearly isn’t finished talking about Election 2016.

Chappelle takes aim at lower class white men and women, particularly the ones who voted for Donald Trump and stood in line to vote with him on November 8. He says he’s never had a problem with white people before in his life, the poor ones are his “least favorite” despite their lack of a deplorable face in the crowd. He thought they felt like decent people that were given an unfair shake by the rich white people who call them “trash.”

Then he stood with them in line and listened:

“Donald Trump is going to go to Washington and he’s going to fight for us. And I’m standing there thinking in my mind, ‘You dumb mother f*cker. You are poor. He’s fighting for me!'”

Considering his massive Netflix deal and his successful return to stand-up, Chappelle isn’t lying. He’s right in the sweet spot to benefit from Trump and the recent GOP tax bill. At least Chappelle will be giving us intentional comedy in return to help soften the blow of being a poor bit of trash.

(Via Netflix)

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