David Beckham And John Boyega Recreate An Iconic ‘Star Wars’ Fight On ‘Graham Norton’

John Boyega hopped at the chance to bust out his lightsaber skills on The Graham Norton Show, this time against an unlikely opponent. Sorta recreating his fight scene from The Force Awakens, Boyega and David Beckham took up the iconic Star Wars lightsabers (including the newest version used by Kylo Ren in the film) to have a comical battle on the show. It ended quick because Boyega just decides to shake Beckham’s hand instead of actually fight him.

I do like that Boyega gets dramatic at first, sorta dropping that glance he has in the trailer with a nice heroic line. But my biggest takeaway is that the lightsabers they sell today are so much better than the cheap crap I had as a kid. Even the cheaper variety have like a spring load to shoot out the beam. Childhood ruined.

During the interview portion of the show, we find out who in the cast had the loosest lips when it came to leaking any details about the film to their families and the press. Daisy Ridley only told her family that she had gotten the job, but Jon Boyega managed to keep a secret from everybody but the taxi driver he told as soon as he got the job. His parents, which is typical, had no idea what Star Wars was and were just happy he had work.

Carrie Fisher was the biggest leak, though. She told Graham Norton everything over a year in advance and forced him to keep the secret. Which I think he did, but who knows. This face says it all:

Also her dog was right there by her side, tongue out and everything. Gotta love that dog.

(Via The Graham Norton Show)