David Duchovny’s Favorite ‘X-Files’ Fan Fiction Is An Erotic Surprise

David Duchovny wrote a book, and it has nothing to do with God hating us all (probably). Holy Cow is about, to quote the New York Times, “a traumatized cow, a sassy turkey, and a pig converting to Judaism.” Duchovny came up with the idea when he asked himself, If I were a cow, why wouldn’t I try to get to India? As one does. After taking a detour to a story about a pig getting circumcised, the Times inevitably brought up The X-Files, which led to this exchange:

There is a lot of Mulder-Scully fan fiction, and some of it is pretty Red Shoe Diaries, if you know what I mean.

You’re using all my work against me. When X-Files was kind of in its heyday, that was the beginning of the Internet. I was very skeptical and thought, This thing will never last. My favorite was the fan fiction that had Alex Krycek, my nemesis, and me as lovers. It was beautiful. (Via)

Indeed. In 2000, Courtney Gray’s How to Throw a Curve Ballsummary: “Following the orders of the Well-Manicured Man, Krycek hands over important information to Mulder, and in the rain storm of this night, the status quo between the two men is irrevocably changed” — won “Best Series” at the prestigious (?) Lisa e Krysa Awards. Also, this happened.

Mulder had to leave the show for two seasons to recover from Krycek’s love*.

*Krycek’s love = butt heroin

Via NY Times