These Sketches Prove David Spade Was The Snarkiest Cast Member On ‘SNL’

07.22.15 4 years ago


Out of everyone who’s been able to call themselves a cast member of Saturday Night Live, nobody’s been snarkier in its 40-year history than David Spade. Spade was part of that early ’90s SNL brat pack era that launched the careers of Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, and Chris Rock. On the show, he quickly established his razor-sharp tongue in segments like “The Hollywood Minute.”

Spade wasn’t the most versatile of the ’90s bad boy cast and often found himself as a supporting player in sketches, but man, does the guy ever know how to make the most of a particular skill. Since leaving Saturday Night Live in 1996, much of Spade’s work has seen him try variations on the sarcastic jerk character type that he’s best at. Whether it be Richard in Tommy Boy, Dennis Finch in Just Shoot Me, or Russel Dunbar in Rules of Engagement, Spade can always be counted to deliver a bit of biting humor at the expense of his costars. Even Joe Dirt gets out a few quick-witted zingers in-between unfortunate mishaps.

Being that today is David Spade’s 51st birthday, it’s a prime opportunity to look back at some of the comedian’s standout SNL moments.

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