David Tennant And Hayley Atwell Will Lead Netflix’s Unique ‘Criminal’ Anthology Series

Netflix may have finally said goodbye to its own Marvel universe with the third and final season of Jessica Jones last week, but that doesn’t mean the comic book behemoth’s affiliated performers won’t be dropping by on other originals. Such is the case for David Tennant (Jessica Jones) and Hayley Atwell (Avengers: Endgame), who are leading the new crime anthology series Criminal, which will let audiences “step into the interrogation room and discover 12 unique crime stories from the UK, France, Germany, and Spain” this fall.

That’s according to a brief “Casting Announcement” teaser trailer that the streaming giant released on YouTube. As explained by Entertainment Weekly, “talent from each country will write, direct, and star in their respective episodes, which will be produced in the country’s native language” and take place entirely in interrogation rooms. So, obviously, the UK episodes will feature Tennant and Hayley, as well as newcomers Clare-Hope Ashitey and Youssef Kerkour. Series creator Jim Field Smith and Killing Eve writer George Kay are also working on those episodes.

Of course, since the four European countries taking part in Criminal are getting three episodes each, that means that all of this talent is representative of only one-fourth of the whole show. Acting, writing, and directing talent from Spain, Germany, and France will create the other three-fourths, and the teaser above also includes a few brief previews of their work as well. Look for everyone’s work to drop sometime in the fall on Netflix.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)