Dax Shepard Wrote A Heartfelt Article About His Dying Father Meeting His Unborn Child

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03.22.13 26 Comments

Back in the good ol’ days, when men were men and “hate watching” was a way of life, not a hashtag, it was easy to dislike Dax Shepard. With the fury of a million critics reviewing Employee of the Month. But then he had to become, ugh, likable. First, there was Idiocracy, a movie once so underrated that it’s now perfectly rated, which is to say: it’s great. Then came the one-two punch of starring on the lovely Parenthood and dating the lovelier Kristen Bell.

The couple, who won’t get hitched until gay marriage is legal in California, are expecting their first child sometime in late spring, early summer, but Dax’s father won’t be around to say hello to Lil’ Veronica Mars. He passed away in December from small cell carcinoma at the age of 62, a story that Dax recounted in a recent blog post entitled “My Father’s Horniness.” If you hate feeling things, this isn’t for you.

The next day I showed up to the hospital to find that he had taken a very sharp turn for the worse. It was not what I was expecting. I had let myself believe that the fun we had the day before was some kind of magic antidote. I half expected to see him eating a full breakfast when I walked in, but instead he was dazed and motionless. He could no longer sit up on his own, and talking was proving to be too much for him. So we sat quietly. I climbed in the bed with him and rubbed the little hairs on the back of his neck. I squeezed him. I’d never seen him so cute and little. He was a 250 pound baby. We spent most of the day that way.

At one point, and unbeknownst to both of us, my wife walked into the room. She had flown in from LA without any warning. It was a surprise. It was an amazing, incredible, perfectly timed surprise. She lifted her shirt up and he put his hand on her swollen stomach. He left it there for the better part of an hour. He was smiling from ear to ear, sitting contently, unable to put together a sentence, but still capable of connecting to the new family member we were creating. He wasn’t going to make it to the birth, but that didn’t get in the way of him meeting the new baby. It was an emotional and triumphant moment. One I will never forget. If I live to be a thousand, I will still be in debt to my wife for giving him that one last thrill. (Via)

You are officially forgiven for having “Ashton Kutcher’s minion” on your Wikipedia. Read the rest here.


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