Meet Hipster Shaggy, Buff Fred Flintstone, And The Other Hanna-Barbera Characters DC Is Rebooting

01.28.16 3 years ago 8 Comments

We must feed the interests of the young with the re-worked artifacts of the old. It’s a fact of life that DC Comics understands. That’s why Batman has no underwear and why the world is about to meet a hipster Shaggy that’s armed with a handlebar mustache, some dope arm tats, and a messenger bag filled with, I imagine, Scooby snacks and artisanal edibles.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio announced a massive reboot of classic Hanna-Barbera characters while speaking of a need to reinterpret them for today:

“I think what you find right now is there’s so much material on pop culture, and these characters resonate with so much of our fanbase. It was so fun to go out and look at them, but not just bring back versions that existed 40, 50 years ago and really look at it the way of saying, ‘if these characters were created and interpreted today, how would they exist?’ ”

As you can see from the above tweet showcasing the new look from artist (and DC co-publisher) Jim Lee, Shaggy is joined by a heavily armed Fred and Daphne, a pseudo-Google-glass attired Scooby, and plain ol’ Velma. Basic as ever. According to DiDio’s remarks to EW, Scooby Apocalypse will, “excite people and challenge people.”

Besides Scooby Doo, DC will also breathe new life into Wacky Races with the help of Mad Max: Fury Road designer Mark Sexton, and the trio of Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, and Birdman (among others) in Future Quest — which looks as though it is, stylistically, the most gentle reboot.

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