‘The Defenders’ Unite In An Unexpected First Teaser [UPDATED]

[UPDATE: Netflix has pulled the teaser, but of course it escaped to the wider internet]
[SECOND UPDATE: And it’s back!]

Ever since it’s was announced, everyone’s been wondering: When will we finally see the Defenders? Well, a new Netflix teaser finally unites the team, in a rather unexpected context.

As you can see above, it’s shot in the style of an elevator security camera, specifically one at Midland Circle. If that sounds familiar, it’s turned up before: In the second season of Daredevil, he and Elektra broke into the construction site and found a big ol’ hole there, dug, you might remember, by the Hand. Just what this hole is, and what the Hand is up to snapping up real estate in New York in the first place, has remained an open question across all the Marvel shows, and it appears we’ll finally get an answer in this series.

As for the teaser itself, it has a few points of interest. One, Matt Murdock is without his fancy suit and back to using a scarf to protect his identity. For another, Iron Fist seems exhausted, possibly because, let’s face it, he’s the least effective fighter out of the four. And finally, after Jessica smashes the camera, the footage stops at 8:18:20:17. If you’re curious? August 18, 2017 is indeed a Friday. We’ll see if that’s the release date soon enough.