The Implication Of This ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Fan Theory Is What We Pretty Much Already Knew

(Possible Always Sunny spoilers but not really.)

The twelfth season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is finally upon us, and it’s good news for all the wealthy wild cards out there because the gang is just as funny and awful as ever. Over its long run, there have been a few running unanswered questions that provide a deep pool of jokes, such as “Is Mac really gay?” and “How weird can Frank get with his remaining years?” But one mystery has evolved the most through the twelve years: Is Dennis a serial killer? Beyond the obvious “duh,” a few fans have dug a bit deeper into this theory.

The evidence is pretty clearly spelled out: Duct tape and zip ties in his trunk; a “joke” threat to turn Dee into a lampshade that came all too quickly to him; and getting bummed when his house painter/murderer alter ego wouldn’t get to murder the Waitress, to name a few instances. Reddit user Tom_Bombadillo surmised that Dennis is the real serial killer because of all this, along with R.J. Collins and Ryan Hollinger breaking down that among his victims is Brian LeFevre, the offed guy whose skin Dennis perversely enjoyed “walking in.”

Sure, Always Sunny will never come out and say Dennis is a serial killer (or show him at work), but that the beauty of the implication. And as the gang continues to devolve in each subsequent season, who knows how far Dennis will go. Who knows if he’s even begun to peak.