10.21.09 9 years ago 15 Comments

The Emily-versus-Zooey Deschanel civil war will have a chance to rage on in the Warming Glow comments once again, as

“I do know that Emily’s sister is going to be on the next episode, which is exciting,” [David Boreanaz said]. “I think she’s going to play Emily’s cousin. It’s a whole relationship thing that’s going on now with us and it continues to grow and grow and get crazy.”

Frankly, this whole battle over which Deschanel sister is hotter is tearing our comments section apart. Let’s allow cooler heads to prevail and settle this once and for all: I would make out with either Deschanel sister. And if it helps heal these wounds, I’d even do it with both at the same time. Um, so if any Fox representatives are reading this, please pass that along to the Deschanels and have them get back to me, because… ya know… *gunfingaz*


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