Eric Andre Helped Turn The Bodega Boys (Desus And Mero) Into Bodega Men With A Bar Mitzvah

As a Jew from New York, I have attended my fair share of bar mitzvahs, but I never had one myself. It wasn’t out of religious defiance, or whatever. It’s because I was lazy. Still am! I didn’t feel like studying the Torah, and to this day, the only Hebrew I know is the basic prayer for Hanukkah. But the nice thing about bar/bat mitzvahs is you can have them at any age, not only the traditional 13 years old. I could get mitzvah’d later this year if I felt like it, but instead, I’ll watch Eric Andre turn the Bodega Boys into Bodega Men.

On Thursday’s episode of Desus and Mero, the Bad Trip star took comedians Desus Nice and The Kid Mero to a synagogue to meet his rabbi, Rabbi Diana Fersko. They learned the basics of the coming-of-age ritual and that there’s “nothing against cocaine in the Torah,” according to Andre. He quickly course corrected, saying that he has no idea whether that’s true, but “there is nothing against weed. Genesis is pro-weed.”

The rabbi looked very uncomfortable:


Later, following the religious ceremony, Desus, Mero, and Andre celebrated with Manischewitz and Hennessy, which sounds like a Talking Dead-style aftershow to Desus and Mero. You can watch the clip above.