Watch This Hilarious Clip Of Eddie Murphy And Dick Cavett On David Letterman’s Old NBC Show

For no reason other than (a) today is Friday, and (b) it is really, really funny, here’s a 20-some-odd-year-old clip from David Letterman’s old NBC show that features Eddie Murphy and Dick Cavett discussing their friendship. Did you know Eddie Murphy and Dick Cavett were friends? I did not, and now I feel like I have wasted my entire life. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Carve out 10 minutes and watch this as soon as possible.

Highlights include: Eddie Murphy telling a story about daring Dick Cavett to grab Diana Ross’s butt; Dick Cavett using hip slang from the period and dryly saying “Oh, you don’t know negro talk?” when Letterman asks for clarification, which causes Eddie Murphy to WAIL with laughter; and Dick Cavett pulling a tube of incredibly racist toothpaste from Thailand out of his sock.

Someone please make a time machine so we can retroactively greenlight a Cavett/Murphy buddy comedy in 1989.