Dick Van Dyke Paid Heartfelt Tribute To His Onscreen Partner Mary Tyler Moore

Hollywood icon Mary Tyler Moore passed away on Wednesday at the age of 80 after leaving an indelible mark on pop culture. Many will remember Moore for her trademark charm, lasting impact, and heaps of moxie, including Dick Van Dyke, who played her husband on The Dick Van Dyke Show.

After news of Moore’s death broke on Wednesday, Van Dyke released a loving tribute to his screen partner to The Hollywood Reporter, proclaiming that “she left an imprint on television comedy.”

I got to be on hand and watch her grow into the talent she became. She was just the best. I don’t know what made her comic timing so great. On Dick Van Dyke, we had Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie, both of whom were old hams and had razor-sharp timing, and mine wasn’t bad either. But Mary just picked it up so fast. She had us all laughing after a couple of episodes. She just grabbed onto the character and literally turned us into an improv group, it was so well-oiled. That show was the best five years of my life.

The entire tribute is worth a read, and it’s clear that Van Dyke was deeply moved by his work with Moore. She was truly an icon who will be missed.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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