Craig Robinson’s Commercial For Dietz Nuts Stole The Show At Super Bowl LIII

Super Bowl ads are expensive, and that means smaller companies need to pick their spots to make an impact amid a wash of beer commercials and big-name movie trailers. But with a low-scoring game on the field and a lackluster halftime show to keep the masses sated, sometimes the more obscure ads are the ones that have the biggest impact.

Enter Dietz & Watson, a company who may be better known at your grocery store for its deli meats. But the company also sells slacks they call nuts, and it took Super Bowl 53 to announce that in a big way in an ad featuring Craig Robinson of The Office fame.

The ad aired in the second half with the score still locked at 3-3 between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. The commercial begins with Robinson on a couch with a friend, holding a bag of Dietz Nuts.

What follows is basically the highest profile case of a person getting BOFA’d in the history of the world, with Robinson asking his friend how he liked “Dietz nuts.”

“Hey Chris,” Robinson started. “How do Deitz Nuts taste?”

Do you get it? Apparently, the nuts are actually a meat-flavored nut-like product, which makes sense given the brand. Meat nubs, if you will. And the commercial got a good reaction, which is all you can do when you’re trying to advertise a product no one is really sure what the deal is with. Getting Robinson here was a great call for the company, and he sells the joke pretty well.

We’ll see if Dietz & Watson’s nut endeavor is profitable for them, but congratulations to them on executing this BOFA in the biggest media event of the year.

NOTE: A previous version of this post said this ad was for nuts. It is for a nut-like meat product Dietz & Watson calls nuts. The post has been updated and corrected. We apologize to both nuts and meat for the error.