DMX Was Apparently A Huge Fan Of The Classic ‘80s Sitcom ‘The Golden Girls’

As the world reacts to the passing of DMX, who died at the age of 50 on Friday after reportedly being hospitalized for a drug overdose a week earlier, social media has been celebrating the rapper’s life. This has included tributes to his impact on the music world, of course, but also the personality quirks that always made for a memorable interaction. One of those moments resurfaced on Twitter thanks to a 2017 clip from First We Feast where Gabrielle Union reminisces about shooting Cradle 2 the Grave in the early 2000s. In the film, she plays a diamond thief who works for DMX’s character, who finds himself in the crosshairs of martial artist Jet Li.

It was during Union’s time on set that she learned DMX is a huge Golden Girls fan. According to the actress, there was an incident where the rapper’s dog bit a production assistant. After that, the crew was afraid to go to his trailer, so Union, who’s a dog person, volunteered to do the job, and that’s when she found out about DMX’s love of watching the sassy seniors.

Doing her best DMX voice despite eating spicy wings with host Sean Evans, Union tried to capture the first thing DMX said to her when she entered his trailer. “Yo, have a drink! Watch the Golden Girls! This shit is funny.” After that, watching the classic sitcom together became a regular occurrence. “We would have a Heineken and, sometimes, a little Crown, and watch the Golden Girls,” Union said. “And he would laugh hysterically.”

You can watch Gabrielle Union reveal DMX’s love of the Golden Girls below:

(Via First We Feast on Twitter)