Dogs That Look Like 'Mad Men' Characters

I hope you folks like television discussions. In addition to the great “Game of Thrones” discussion brewing here, there’s now one for “Mad Men” developing over on Uproxx. That’s where you’re going to want to go to unleash all your Fat Betty jokes. Did Matthew Weiner honestly think he could humanize Betty Draper with an extra chin? It didn’t work for Gwyneth Paltrow in Shallow Hal, so it sure as hell wouldn’t work for January Jones, the coldest woman on the face of the planet.

But you know what MIGHT humanize her? A fat puppy to complement the photo above from THE “Dogs of ‘Mad Men'” series so elegantly put together by Dogster Magazine. I mean, puppies make everything better, right? Even Al Swearengen.

But … but … ALISON BRIE AS A CHIHUAHUA? These people are evil.

You can peruse the entire “Mad Men” Dog series and see which breed was matched with each character in the slideshow below (Thanks for the find, Chris!), and you can head on over to Uproxx for today’s live discussion.