Don Johnson Once Made It Literally Rain Panties While Filming ‘Miami Vice’

Don Johnson is 65 years old now, and let’s face it, he can still kinda get it. But back when Johnson was in his Miami Vice days? Forget about it. Panties were flying left and right, literally. Currently plugging his new series Blood and Oil, in which he plays an oil tycoon named Hap Briggs (Hap Briggs!!!!), Johnson stopped to chat with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night, who brought up the iconic series that made “Don Johnson” a household name.

Kimmel asked when exactly he knew that Miami Vice had hit the big time, and Johnson said that, initially, he kept his nose to the grind and tried not to pay attention because, at the time, he was coming off of a string of failed pilots. The exact moment he knew the show was a hit came one day when they were filming in downtown Miami, and, all of a sudden, panties started raining down from the sky, which women were throwing from the buildings above. Just hundreds and hundreds of pairs of panties.

You know, that’s actually pretty impressive for the year 1984. There wasn’t even social media or anything back then. How would that many women even be able to coordinate such a feat in the first place? Regardless, they did it, and the rest was television and pantie history.