Donald Glover’s Punishment For Leaving ‘Community’: ‘D*ck Hits’ With Gillian Jacobs & Alison Brie

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08.23.13 10 Comments

alison brie gillian jacobs

Donald Glover is either a very lucky man, or no man at all after what Gillian Jacobs did to him. When Glover, excuse me, Childish Gambino announced that he would have a “reduced” role during season five of Community, appearing in even fewer episodes than Jonathan Banks, it was unknown how the rest of the Greendale Five regarded his decision. (R.I.P. Chevy Chase. Once you’re in an Old Navy commercial, you’re dead to me. Sorry, Backstreet Boys.) Sure, Jacobs, Alison Brie, Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, and Yvette Nicole Brown seem friendly, but that’s what we thought of Annie’s Boobs, too. The cops are still trying to figure out what she did with the bodies.

Anyway, yesterday, Brie recorded footage of Jacobs lobbing multiple water bottles at Glover’s front butt (stuff), in a game cruelly referred to as “D*ck Hits.” Clearly, they’re pissed, and now the entirety of the Internet is wondering how they can get Brie and Jacobs upset at them, too.


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