Donald Trump Would Allow Women Abortions If They Are ‘Close To Death,’ Not If They Have ‘A Cold’

Donald Trump appeared this morning on Meet the Press where he showed off his private jet to Chuck Todd. In doing so, he spoke on a variety of Trumpness, including his feelings on immigration and abortion. We’ve already heard plenty from Trump on how he believes Mexicans are bringing drugs, violence, and rape into a country that (according to Trump) would be pristine if immigrants ever entered the borders. To Trump, all the bad stuff comes from outside, and he can “made America great” again.

Trump’s words on abortion are the main attraction for this interview. He told Todd about how he’s “evolved” from being pro-choice to pro-life. Trump would only allow abortion for instances of rape, incest, and “if the mother is close to death.” This isn’t an atypical stance for a Republican candidate, but Trump (as usual) goes overboard with his hyperbole:

“It has to stop with the abortions. Women’s health issues to me are very important. I cherish women. My mother was this incredible woman. I have great children. I have a great wife. I have such great respect for women. I understand the importance of women. I have many executives in my organization that are women that frankly get paid more than many of my men executives. They’ve done great with me.

I’m talking about death. If the mother will die and we’re going to know that. The problem with [talking maternal health] is, what, you have a cold and you’re having an abortion?”

Trump went on to say that, if elected, he would take funding away from Planned Parenthood. That’s one issue, but Trump won’t stop there — he’ll come for the whole abortion platform. He’ll have a heck of a time overturning Roe v. Wade (and all subsequent Supreme Court decisions), but Trump probably doesn’t believe in checks and balances. In Trump’s mind, he’ll enter the White House, plate it in gold, and overturn every law on the books (even judicial legislation).

In related news Bernie Sanders criticized the “spectacle” of the Trump campaign, which he says is perfectly illustrated by how Donald gave free helicopter rides to children at an Iowa campaign event. One little girl wasn’t too impressed and wanted to ask Trump if he “farts a lot.”

Here’s the full Meet the Press appearance from Trump today. (Or you can check out the Trump porn parody, which promises to be entertaining as well.)

(via Daily Dot)