This Edit Of Donald Trump’s Various Real Noises Sounds Just Like A ‘Bad Lip Reading’

One thing we can hold true is that nobody will ever accuse Donald Trump of being an overly articulate man, which coincidentally contributes to much of the Republican presidential candidate’s broad appeal. But just how inarticulate is Donald Trump, really? The crack video editors over at Jimmy Kimmel Live collected all of the various noises the upcoming Saturday Night Live host makes during his campaign speeches — every “bup bup bup,” “arrrarrrarrr,” “caching, caching, caching,” and “bing bing bong bong” — to reveal a stammering boob of a man. Or, a Bad Lip Reading come to life.

Not that this changes anything, as Trump is still neck and neck with Ben Carson at the top of the GOP polls. “Oy… uggghh uggghh” indeed.