Jimmy Fallon And The 8th Grade Impressionist Show Off Dueling Donald Trump Impressions

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Have you heard of Jack Aiello yet? He’s probably already way more internet famous than even the great Danny Aiello, what with the viral insanity of his middle-school graduation performance. Perhaps better known as the 8th Grade Impressionist, this talented young man hit the big time on Wednesday night when he shared the screen with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show for a performance of dueling Donald Trump impressions.

Is Aiello’s Trump impression the best we’ve ever seen? Probably not. Needs a little work. It’s not the best Trump impression, because we all know that the best Trump impersonator is Trump himself. He’s YUUUUGELY successful at doing his own voice. But this kid crushes his Bernie Sanders voice and his Hillary Clinton impression is definitely the second best in his 2016 election repertoire. It’ll be interesting to see what the actual Trump thinks of Aiello’s impression, though.

Is the real-estate mogul and reality TV star above calling a teenager a loser? Or will the new, improved, and refocused GOP candidate for president embrace the mockery as flattery and ask Aiello to join him at the Republican National Convention? Or, and this is perhaps the best idea of them all, will Trump team up with Aiello to launch Teen Celebrity Apprentice? Let’s keep an eye out for that on Nickelodeon’s fall schedule.

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