‘The Daily Show’ Gives The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Donald Trump’s Year Of Words

12.06.17 4 months ago

“I know words. I have the best words.” With that phrase on April 15th, 2017, Donald Trump convinced 63 million people that he was an expert in linguistics. And in a way, he might be right. No one has words like Trump, and they very well may be the best words. It just depends on the categorization. If Trump’s inability to articulate and pronounce words are ranked by how depressing and embarrassing they are, then yes — Trump has the best words.

So, for this holiday season, The Daily Show has taken the time to do the thoughtful thing. They didn’t hop on Amazon to get a gift shipped to your house, they actually created something personal for the viewers of their show. Something that they know will touch the hearts of most Americans. They’re giving the gift of Trump’s year in words. Possibly his best year in words. Tremendous.

Watch in awe as the leader of the free world creates truly astonishing and unique iterations of words such as “prowess,” “peninsula,” and most telling: “diversity.” It’s truly incredible, and something that should warm us all with the heat of nuclear fallout considering he can pronounce the words “Rocket Man” perfectly fine, thank you.

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