The ‘Drew Barrymore Show’ Mess Has Resulted In Her Being Removed As Host Of A Prestigious Awards Show

Since bowing three years ago, The Drew Barrymore Show has racked up a lot of goodwill. Its host could be described as “chaotic good,” her earnest, kooky enthusiasm resulting in both bizarre moments and surprisingly strong interviews. A lot of that enthusiasm has seeped out in the last two days after it was announced the show would be returning without its writers, effectively crossing the WGA picket line. The move has already resulted in some unpleasant theatrics. And now Barrymore herself is already seeing the consequences of her and her team’s actions.

Per Vulture, the actress-turned-morning talk show host was supposed to host the 74th National Book Awards. No more.

“In light of the announcement that The Drew Barrymore Show will resume production, the National Book Foundation has rescinded Ms. Barrymore’s invitation to host the 74th National Book Awards Ceremony,” the National Book Foundation announced in a tweet. “Our commitment is to ensure that the focus of the Awards remains on celebrating writers and books, and we are grateful to Ms. Barrymore and her team for their understanding in this situation.”

The ceremony is set to go down on November 15. Currently it’s unknown who will replace the person who dressed up as the villainous robot doll from M3GAN to terrorize the film’s human star.

(Via Vulture)