Drinkin’ & Shootin’ with Conan and Hunter S. Thompson

01.20.11 9 years ago 6 Comments

Liquor and guns: two great tastes that go great together. Somehow I’d never seen this segment with Conan O’Brien and Hunter S. Thompson. That’s inexcusable on my part. [Devour]

14 Child Stars to Watch in 2011. Actually, it’s Burnsy’s collection of kids sucking at music and dancing. Much better than REAL child stars. [UPROXX]

More like January BONES! More (and higher-res) pictures of X-Men: First Class, including January Jones as Emma Frost. I originally meant that “bones” joke as in “I’d like to have sex with her,” but if any girls are reading this then I totally meant “she’s too skinny.” Now go ahead and finish that piece of cake. You’re beautiful the way you are, girlfriend! [Gamma Squad]

A challenge for you: if you can watch all three and a half minutes of this loop of Natalie Portman’s goofy Golden Globes laugh without swallowing your tongue, I will give you a shiny nickel. [FilmDrunk]

The Super Bowl ads are going to suck. Likely culprits: Adam Sandler movies and Miller Lite. [With Leather]

Brett Favre’s RISE commercial. Props to whomever made this, because that’s the best Brett Favre actor I’ve ever seen. [KSK]

More better hotness below:

Yup, that’s a Kirstie Alley tattoo. An excellent life decision, sir. [@stevemiller73 via BuzzFeed]

“Harry Potter for Grown-Ups.” That’s how Hollywood types are describing the new project from “Battlestar Galactica” re-maker Ron Moore. It’s an ensemble police drama that takes place in a world ruled by magic instead of science. [Inside TV]

Seaside Heights, 08751. The Situation and Pauly D are the new generation’s Dylan and Brandon. Mind: blown. [The Clearly Dope]

Young boys getting molested was Simon Cowell’s lucky break. An excerpt from the book American Idol: The Untold Story reveals that Cowell’s mentor Jonathan King was “Pop Idol’s” first choice to be the “mean judge” — until he went to prison for molesting five boys. [The Daily Beast]

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