Dueling Comedy Acts on ‘Conan’

06.30.11 8 years ago 12 Comments

I absolutely loved this dual stand-up performance by Jon Dore and Rory Scovel when I watched “Conan” last night, but I was hesitant to post it today because Conan insisted that he’d accidentally booked two comics. It’s pretty obvious that this is a well-practiced set, but I didn’t want to look like a rube for giving any credence to the premise.

Thankfully, the comic’s comic verified that Dore and Scovel have done the simultaneous stand-up act before, so I can do away with any notion of accidental double-booking and focus on the brilliance of this set. It’s an assault on your senses, and well worth repeat viewings to glean specific jokes from the act, rather than just the hilarious snippets that come from the ebb and flow of two monologues playing at once. Still, I could’ve gone for some more retard and cripple jokes.

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