Dumpster Diving Turns David Letterman’s Trash Into The Internet’s Treasure

Sentimentality is one thing. A tidy profit is another. TMZ posted photos of pedestrians dumpster diving outside the Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC. Those who dare to dig into garbage are coming up with stage curtains, pieces of wood, other flotsam. Would you like to own a random cushion where thousands of audience members placed their tush? You may be in luck.

The eBay market for David Letterman memorabilia shall overflow with a glorious amount of the man’s garbage. Not only has the show’s iconic 1990s set hit the market, but the show’s dumpsters have become a tourist attraction. People are clamoring to uncover the smallest piece of Dave’s essence, which will likely head straight onto the internet chopping block.

These divers earned their treasure. But nobody dumpster dove for Dave like Bill Murray did, and that vision was priceless.

(via TMZ)