Durr TV Knew Where Bin Laden Was!

05.06.11 7 years ago 29 Comments

Now that we’ve all recovered from the news of Osama bin Laden’s death and shifted our focus to war dogs, people are sifting through the archives of the Internet to find TV clips where people claim that bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan. In the first clip below, you’ll see the Janitor from “Scrubs” tell Zach Braff’s character that the government should be looking for bin Laden in Pakistan; in the second, Christiane Amanpour tells Bill Maher in 2008 that a source in the intelligence community told her that bin Laden was hiding in a villa in Pakistan.

I’m all for putting a pop culture spin on currents events, but the Internet’s attention-whoring for these videos falls somewhere between simplistic and moronic: “DURR, THE JANITOR WAS RIGHT!” “OBAMA SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO THE WOMAN!” What the hell? It’s not like Pakistan was the most brazen prediction for Osama’s hiding place. For the last nine years, the only real guesses to his whereabouts were Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Making a fuss over this is like running the headline “MAN BOLDLY PICKS RED SOX TO WIN AL EAST.”

Warning to any political centrists: watching Bill Maher can turn you into a staunch Republican.

[via Metro and BuzzFeed]

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