Probably The Best Insane Commercial For A German Grocery Store Ever

I’ve watched my fair share of viral German grocery store commercials, but I’m here to tell you that this one, from EDEKA, is the best. Entertainer Friedrich Liechtenstein pours cereal into a bathtub and steals croissants while singing a song about…well, I’m not sure exactly, though according to Slate, it’s super dirty.

The clip, called “Supergeil,” is stupendous even if you don’t understand the lyrics. But some of them are ripe with pretty hilarious sexual entendre. Even the titular adjective, geil (pronounced guy-l), has—like all the best German words—multiple meanings, two of which happen to be “cool” and “horny.” Because you are supergeil and I love you, I have provided a full translation here—my favorite line is the rhyme of “sushi” with Muschi, or “pussy” (referring, technically, to a cat). (Via)

My favorite part: “cookie” is “cookie” in German. So I speak German now! Guess that means I can’t be evil.

Via Slate