Elijah Wood Relived His ‘Back To The Future Part II’ Fashion Choices On ‘Conan’

Conan kicked off his interview with The Last Witch Hunter sidekick Elijah Wood, not by bringing up Lord of the Rings, but instead shooting for his first role in Back to the Future Part II. It has been noted several times in the past that Wood played one of the kids in Cafe ’80s who criticized the classic style of gaming from the 1980s. Marty McFly would turn out to be a crack shot, though, despite these two little creeps’ opinion.

But what made this look back special was the choice of headwear when Conan returned from the clip. The colander-inspired hat that Wood wears in the scene found its way on his head here in the present, joining the hoverboard, Pepsi, and Jaws 19 as things making a comeback. If the Cubs win the World Series, someone should snatch up Robert Zemeckis and find out what century he is actually from. Then we can all cry about his story revealing how he’s stuck here in the past, away from his loving family.

Here’s what I want to know: When are we getting our North retrospective? It’s an all-star affair, and Wood has already missed the 20-year anniversary. Where’s my Blu-ray? Where’s my cast reunion? Bruce Willis too busy to toss on a bunny costume and deliver wisdom? I guess I could count Wilfred as canon with North, but then things kinda take a dark turn. Eh, let’s do it.

(Via Team Coco)