Eliza Dushku Is Joining The Cast Of TV’s Most Violent Show, ‘Banshee’

Eliza Dushku has fought vampires, pretended to be a dominatrix, and worn her hair like this, but that’s all nothing compared to what she’ll face on Banshee, now that she’s joined the cast. Deadline reports that the Dollhouse star will recur on Cinemax’s batsh*t crazy series as “Agent Veronica Dawson, a tough, sexy, and shockingly reckless FBI profiler with no shortage of personal demons who joins forces with [Lucas] Hood to hunt down a killer.”

Tough, Sexy, Shockingly Reckless was actually Banshee‘s working title. Anyway, I hope that when outside actors are added to the cast, the fine print in their contracts is all about how they’re definitely going to be covered in blood every day on set, and they’re probably going to lose one at least one limb. Benefits package is great, though.

Via Deadline