Emilia Clarke ‘Burst Into Tears’ When Her Brother Gave Her A Surprise ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prop

One question that journalists and fans love to ask actors as their shows are ending is what prop they stole, er, permanently borrowed from the set. Think: Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul putting Gus Fring’s “head in my media room,” or Sarah Jessica Parker owning, but not wearing or touching, “95 percent” of Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe from Sex and the City. The Game of Thrones cast is not exempt from this phenomenon, as we’ve learned that, since the show went off the air, Sophie Turner kept Sansa’s corset, while Jacob Anderson (Greyworm) “took a little chess piece like from the map room.”

Emilia Clarke, who played Daenerys Targaryen, has said that she had a “real phobia of getting into trouble” over taking something; luckily, her brother doesn’t care.

“I was such a frustratingly good girl, I didn’t [take any props from set]. I abided by the rules,” Clarke said on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. “However — I’m just going to say this live on radio – my amazing brother, who worked on the show as well, this Christmas gave me the best Christmas present ever. In one of the battle scenes, I think, he got one of the Targaryen flags, so I opened it this Christmas and just burst into tears.”

Clarke didn’t specify where the flag is now, outside of it “going up in pride of place.” So… above the toilet, where all the finest artwork and/or props from hit shows should go.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

(Via Metro)