Emilia Clarke Thanked The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Showrunners For One Memorable Sex Scene

The hottest Game of Thrones sex scene involves very little sex. It happens in the season four episode “Mockingbird,” when Daenerys orders Daario Naharis, who brags that he’s only good at two things, “war and women,” to take his clothes off. Dany is impressed by what she sees, and they, well, y’know.

In an interview with Elle, Emilia Clarke called the scene “brilliant,” and that after reading the script, she “actually went up to [Game of Thrones co-creators David Benioff and Dan Weiss] and thanked them.” Clarke continued, “I was like, ‘That’s a scene I’ve been waiting for!’ Because I get a lot of crap for having done nudes scenes and sex scenes. That, in itself, is so anti-feminist. Women hating on other women is just the problem. That’s upsetting, so it’s kind of wonderful to have a scene where I was like, there you go!”

You go, Mother of Dragons.

No (still-alive) character on the show has been in more nude and sex scenes than Daenerys, who not once but twice has calmly walked out of flames while wearing nothing at all. She’s the Ned Flanders of Game of Thrones.

Clarke also told Elle that she’s had “sleepless nights” over the rapidly approaching final season. “My mates are like, ‘It’s you, you [and Daenerys] are one and the same now. You need to trust your instincts!’ And I’m like, ‘ No, I’ve got to do more research!’ The higher everyone places the mantle, the bigger the fall,” she said. “That sounds really awful, but it’s true! I don’t want to disappoint anyone.” The only one who’s disappointed is the original Daario.

(Via Elle)