Emma Stone And Melissa Villasenor Rap About Their Dorky Hobbies On ‘SNL’

Melissa Villaseñor has been on SNL long enough that Saturday’s episode was her second stint with Emma Stone. Since then, Villaseñor has distinguished herself in part through her singing prowess. Earlier this season she stole the show by booming through a legit impressive impersonation of Lady Gaga singing “Shallow.” This time she showed off her rap skills.

She just happened to show them off to Emma Stone. In a pre-taped behind-the-scenes sketch, Villaseñor crashed the host’s quarters to confide in her about her blooming confidence. A rather distracted Stone played nice — nice enough to let Villaseñor confide in her with the power of her rapping.

Entitled “Sexy Melissa Things,” Villaseñor’s song was a list of her hobbies, many of them unspecial and possibly even lame. She likes “hiking, biking, smelling my books.” She revealed semi-embarrassing secrets, like that when she wakes up each morning she talks to herself like Gandalf. She likes bird watching, dreaming, singing, hugging her backpack.

Stone, who was due on stage on top of only being marginally interested in Villaseñor’s private life, interrupted her twice, only to feel, first, bad, then emboldened enough to reveal her own dorky hobby: Since childhood she’s built and maintained her own tiny town, complete with little houses, figurines, and a model train. Actually, this sounds about right. Go Emma Stone.