What To Look For At The 2018 Emmys

emmys 2018 preview

Well well well, it’s Emmys time again. The 70th annual awards take place this coming Monday, September 17. We’ve already given you the list of nominees and the winners we’d like to see. Now, we’ll give you some highlights to look out for during the show. The biggies, the themes, etc. And I, your guide through this exercise, won’t even mention once how infuriating it is that The Good Place wasn’t nominated. Nope, won’t even bring it up. Because I am a professional. Kind of. I am kind of a professional.

Before we dive in, a reminder: This business of giving out awards to art and artists based on purely subjective criteria is all very silly. Important to the people involved, but silly as a whole enterprise. Our stance on it remains as follows: If we’re all going to insist on doing this, let’s try to do it right.

Away we go.