The Emmys Actually Changed Their Award Rules Because Of ‘Black Mirror’ And ‘An Emmy For Megan’

12.15.18 8 months ago


One of the funniest subplots of last year’s Emmy season was a very overt play to, well, win an Emmy. An Emmy For Megan was a trolly parody of the award nomination process that was, in the end, very funny. Created by Megan Amram — who has written for Parks and Recreation and The Good Place — the short film series was an overt play at actually winning the award, a nod to actors and actresses that may take on projects in order to hunt for awards.

Amram makes it clear at the start of the first episode: she wants to win the Emmy for outstanding actress in a short form comedy or drama series.

And I thought, ‘wow, I can win that.'” Amram says, giving the camera a knowing smile. The next six episodes were an overt attempt to win that Emmy, showing off her musical talents and her acting abilities and just generally how much she wants to win an Emmy. Which she actually got nominated for after making a billboard and doing some serious internet lobbying!

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