Enemies Become Friends On This Week’s ‘Justified’

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02.12.14 13 Comments

Try to hold on tight to this week’s Justified, because there’s no episode next week. Like The Olympics didn’t screw up enough things already amirite?

So Art’s still a bit ticked at Raylan for the whole facilitating a Detroit gangster’s murder thing. The other Marshals have noticed a rift.

Meanwhile, after checking up on the Crowes, Danny decides to run over Alison. This draws the ire of Raylan.

The Marshals also notice one of Boyd’s goons is a bit bit kidnapped, but those charges are dropped as everything is “consexsual.”

Ah, Boyd. He hired one of his old Nazis to keep watch over Ava, not realizing that the Nazis don’t care for him too much; which means they don’t care for Ava too much.

So Boyd enlisted the Crowes to fix that situation

and assist with another.

Come back here later for a full recap. For now, feel free to lament the lack of Justified next week.

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