Hijinks Ensue When Eric André And Hannibal Buress Take Over Each Other’s Tinder Accounts

If you’re going to sabotage your pal’s Tinder account in merciless fashion, the polite thing to do is to place that prankery online for the world (including the non-swiping parts) to bask in. That was the scenario that went down when Vanity Fair gave comedy treasures Eric André and Hannibal Buress a venue to tear apart each other’s love/bonin’ lives for our voyeuristic amusement. Kinky!

The premise of the exercise is fairly straightforward. (Heck, you might remember when Amy Schumer gave it a go.) One star of The Eric Andre Show watches as the other gleefully hijacks the other’s Tinder account. If you’re curious whether or not Hannibal can maintain a laid-back attitude when the snuggle-friendly service is used to ask if his match would like to “f*ck (his) wife,” this clip should be able to solve that conundrum for you.

We have this experiment in Tinder trust nestled at the top of the page for your viewing pleasure and romantic education. So if you get a celebrity going on about diarrhea the next time you match, it might actually be the star in question hitting you up. Or their friend. Or a liar that’s super excited to talk about butt things. Either way, romance!