Esquire Put The Megan Draper-Approved Sharon Tate Photoshoot Online

Ever since Dustin covered the connections between Mad Men‘s Megan Draper and Sharon Tate, that’s all the Internet’s been able to talk about. Multiple publications, including Grantland and New York, have added their two cents to the brilliant theory, and now Esquire‘s getting in on the Draper game, putting photographer William Helburn’s full Sharon Tate star shirt photoshoot online. Next to a “beginner’s guide to Mao Tse-tung.”

I, for one, am totally on-board with the Draper/Tate theory, especially if it means someone would claim, “Sharon Tate was married to Roman Polanski, Roman Polanski directed Chinatown, Chinatown‘s sequel is called The Two Jakes, there were two Don Drapers on the season six poster, DON DRAPER IS JAKE GITTES.” Watch yo’ nose.

See the rest of the photos here.

(Via Esquire)