All The Videos You Have To Watch Before ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Kicks Off This Sunday

Contributing Writer
08.20.15 2 Comments

AMC has been hyping the hell out of their The Walking Dead spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead, for months now. But, at some point, the myriad of teasers, trailers, and behind the scenes featurettes might start to get overwhelming, and fans might start to shut down. I know I prefer to come into a series relatively fresh rather than get bogged down with every detail and factoid on the internet. But how about we find a reasonable middle point?

Here’s a compilation of the essential Fear the Walking Dead videos to get you in the mood for the 90-minute series premiere this Sunday, August 23.

The Official Comic-Con Trailer

Everything you need to know about Fear The Walking Dead in three minutes. This video sets up the characters and the location, and then gives you glimpses of the world falling apart. The exciting thing about this series isn’t just that it shows the zombie apocalypse kicking off, it’s that it happens in one of the biggest cities in America. A nice change from the back roads of Georgia featured so prominently in The Walking Dead.

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