All The Videos You Have To Watch Before ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Kicks Off This Sunday

AMC has been hyping the hell out of their The Walking Dead spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead, for months now. But, at some point, the myriad of teasers, trailers, and behind the scenes featurettes might start to get overwhelming, and fans might start to shut down. I know I prefer to come into a series relatively fresh rather than get bogged down with every detail and factoid on the internet. But how about we find a reasonable middle point?

Here’s a compilation of the essential Fear the Walking Dead videos to get you in the mood for the 90-minute series premiere this Sunday, August 23.

The Official Comic-Con Trailer

Everything you need to know about Fear The Walking Dead in three minutes. This video sets up the characters and the location, and then gives you glimpses of the world falling apart. The exciting thing about this series isn’t just that it shows the zombie apocalypse kicking off, it’s that it happens in one of the biggest cities in America. A nice change from the back roads of Georgia featured so prominently in The Walking Dead.

A Look At The Series: Fear The Walking Dead

Here’s Fear the Walking Dead in the words of the producers and showrunners. They explain what they’re trying to do with the spin-off, what they want to keep from The Walking Dead and how they want to differentiate themselves from it. The family focus of the show gets examined, and several of the themes you can expect for season one are analyzed.

Series Premiere Trailer: No One Is Safe

Here’s the TV spot for episode one of Fear the Walking Dead, and it certainly gives hope to those worried we’d have to sit through half a season of slow buildup before society falls apart. All this talk about FTWD being a “family drama” is all well and good, so long as the drama is mostly of the “Oh my God, the dead are trying to eat us!” variety.

The Opening Scene From The Series Premiere

Why wait til Sunday night for your first proper fix of Fear the Walking Dead when you can watch the first three minutes of the show right here, right now? Things don’t take long to get all undead on the poor, unsuspecting characters on the show — it even beats The Walking Dead at getting to the zombie stuff faster.

Teaser: Lights Out L.A.

AMC has made a ton of teaser trailers for the show, some of them just featuring short 10-second clips from early episodes of the season, and some of them are completely original creations designed to creep you out. This is the latter, and does it ever get the juices flowing for a full-on Los Angeles walker implosion.

Teaser: Pool

Another teaser that plays on the idea that no one in L.A. is prepared at all for what’s about to happen. This girl better hope fresh walkers don’t float.

Teaser: Neighborhood

How many people are going to die because of those ridiculous self-closing doors on mini-vans? They’re slower than a season five walker without legs and will open back up at the slightest touch. Basically, anyone with a 2009 or newer van is dead meat. Just a mental note to add to your zombie survival plans.

San Diego Comic-Con Full Fear The Walking Dead Panel

If all those videos haven’t whetted your appetite for Fear the Walking Dead content, here’s the full San Diego Comic-Con 2015 panel featuring the cast and crew of the show. Lots of interesting tidbits in this video and a bunch of amusing questions from the audience — especially considering they’re asking people they don’t know about a show they haven’t seen yet.

Remember: The Fear the Walking Dead series premiere goes down this Sunday August 23 at 9 p.m.