Everyone Who’s Died Because Of What Gemma Did On ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

One can make the case (and I will!) that every death since last season’s finale on Sons of Anarchy can be traced back to what Gemma did, when she (SPOILERS) stabbed her son’s wife, Tara, in the head with a fork. The members of SAMCRO finally learned her lie in “Suits of Woe,” and presumably the final two episodes will be about Jax & Co. chasing her down, with plenty more dead bodies to come. Until then, though, I tried to figured out just how many characters have been killed because of Gemma. The numbers I came up with are approximate, because it’s not always clear how many white supremacists were gunned down, but it’s close enough.

Season 6, Episode 13


Season 7, Episode 1

This guy in prison

Every member of the threesome

Chris Dun

Season 7, Episode 2

Eleven members of Lin’s crew

Gib and Renny

Season 7, Episode 3

Chester Kray and three more Niners

Five more guys

Season 7, Episode 4


14 Johns and Diosa members (plus three more, including Orlin, off-screen)

Season 7, Episode 5

Desmond Harnigan

Motel worker

Season 7, Episode 6

Guy behind the counter at the convenience store (I’m assuming)

Dulane (plus 10 members of his crew)

Season 7, Episode 7


Season 7, Episode 8


Season 7, Episode 9


Season 7, Episode 10

White Supremacist #1

White Supremacist #2

White Supremacist #3

Moses (plus seven more of his guys, and two more White Supremacists)

Season 7, Episode 11

Henry Lin

These two assholes

Total: 79 bodies, and a couple of dead crows. Dammit, Gemma.