F You, Lionsgate

Earlier this month I was adamant that Charlie Sheen does NOT have a new show based on the 2003 film Anger Management — he’s merely trying to develop one with AM producer Joe Roth. And though the project still doesn’t have a network or a writer, there IS studio backing: Lionsgate TV will produce this wretched affair. More from Deadline:

A key point is the involvement of [Lionsgate]’s subsidiary Debmar-Mercury as a distributor, meaning that the Anger Management sitcom will probably be done under the model created by Debmar-Mercury and pioneered on the Tyler Perry TBS sitcoms House of Payne and Meet the Browns.

The Anger Management series is being co-produced by Roth who previously teamed with Debmar-Mercury on another TBS sitcom under the company’s model that was based on a movie, Ice Cube’s Are We There Yet? The model, which so far has only been applied on cable, primarily on TBS, involves a significant ownership stake for the talent, something the [press] release indicates Sheen is receiving on Anger Management.

Lionsgate: “So tell me about this ‘Anger Management’ project.”

Joe Roth: “Well, we’ve replaced Adam Sandler with a volatile and delusional actor, and we’re using the same business model as Tyler Perry’s show and ‘Are We There Yet?'”

Lionsgate: “That’s insultingly uncreative pandering to the lowest common denominator. I love it!”