The ‘Family Matters’ Home Is About To Be Demolished

Walking through the 1500 block of W. Wrightwood in Chicago’s Lincoln Park is likely to five any ’90s kid deja vu. That’s because it’s home to the real house that provided exteriors for the Winslow home from Family Matters. But not, unfortunately, for long, as the city of Chicago has just approved a demolition permit for the house.

Much like the Full House house, the Family Matters house was never used for interiors, but exterior and aerial shots were used in the show’s opening and as transitions. The problem, it turns out, is simply that the house is getting up there in years. If the show were more realistic, it probably would have discussed the Winslows fighting the forces of gentrification that drove out many families in the late ’90s. Lincoln Park, more and more, is home to luxury condos, not working class families sharing life lessons and discovering their next door neighbor is a terrifying mad scientist inflicting yet another of his inventions on them.

Apparently, the spirit will live on: The owners claim that a photo of the house, and a cast photo of the show, will be hung in the new building’s entryway. But really, they should go further, and theme the whole building after it. Imagine every doorbell delivering a nasal “Did I do that?” If nothing else, you’d ensure any tenants wouldn’t have too many visitors over.

(via DNA Info)