Noah Hawley Teases Some ‘Big Lebowski’ References For ‘Fargo’ Season Three At SXSW

Fargo returns on April 19th, smack in the middle of a very busy month for television. We’ve gotten plenty of teases for the season up to this point, including the first look at one version of Ewan McGregor And Carrie Coon as Sheriff Gloria Burgle enjoying a fine evening at the diner. Other than that, it’s been a little bare on real meaty details and fans likely wouldn’t want it any other way.

But Noah Hawley did drop a few details about the possible Coen Brothers connections during his SXSW appearance. While joking about the abundance of Ladykillers references he’s including in season three, the very busy creator did confirm that one special Coen Brothers film will get some representation according to Indiewire:

“There’s some ‘Lebowski’ this year,” Hawley said. “That’s interesting to me.”

Hawley was at SXSW for a chat with Philipp Meyer, creator of AMC’s The Son starring Pierce Brosnan and ended up dropping details about Fargo and Legion while on stage. As Indiewire points out, he was far more willing to talk Legion than the secretive Fargo season three, but certain nuggets — like the Lebowski talk above — made their way out. Hawley also revealed just how exhausting it can be to be so hands on with the projects you’re putting out. It makes for fine television, but it would seem that Hawley could use a vacation:

“If you’re making it by hand, it becomes a lot harder to make more of them,” he said. “Ryan Murphy’s not showrunning ‘Feud.’ He’s got Tim Minear for that. Maybe he’s more involved, but he’s not writing every word. […] I’m tired.”

Check out the latest teaser trailer below, featuring Coon’s sheriff discovering the A/C from one of the earlier teasers out in the middle of the snowy road. These ten episodes can’t come fast enough.

(Via Indiewire)