‘Fargo’ Season Two Will Travel Back In Time While Keeping The Story In The Family

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The second season of Fargo got an official announcement earlier in the day, and details about where we will be going and what characters we’ll be encountering have been trickling out all day. There might be a new cast in season two, but that doesn’t mean the characters are brand new.

In the next season of the FX hit drama, the show will be going back to 1975 and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The setting for young Lou Solverson’s harrowing experience alluded to throughout the series. From Vulture:

Molly’s dad, diner owner Lou Solverson, tells Lorne Malvo that he’d left behind his state trooper job decades ago because of a ghastly incident that took place in Sioux Falls, involving bodies “stacked so high, you could’ve climbed to the second floor,” he said. “I’d call it animal except animals only kill for food.” Season two will follow the events leading up to that incident, picking up with Lou as a 33-year-old man recently back from Vietnam, and his four-year-old daughter Molly. (Alas, that means neither Keith Carradine nor Emmy nominee Allison Tolman will be returning.)

Noah Hawley didn’t really hold back too much when talking about where the next season was going, laying a pretty clear track for the entire show to follow during the panel at today’s Television Critics Association tour stop. It also turns out that Lou Solverson won’t be the only one making a return appearance. From Seattle PI:

“Lou Solverson is a state police officer. His wife Betsy, her dad is the sheriff of Rock County,” Hawley said. “[Lou’s] father-in-law is a character in this next go-round. I don’t know if we see any other Solversons… I’m excited to spend time with Molly’s mom.” He also added that Molly did not get her plucky spirit only from her dad.

One more character from Season 1 will travel back in time to Season 2. Lt. Ben Schmidt (Peter Breitmayer), who was the commanding officer of Gus Grimley (Colin Hanks), was also at Sioux Falls during that time.

This all sounds promising as hell. The 70s seems like a great time for a police drama, especially one that might prove to feature equal parts grit and brutality. Keith Carradine really helped to sell the character and his experiences throughout season one, so they’ve already got a great head start on producing an amazing sophomore run.

And if you’re an Allison Tolman fan, it’s not all doom and gloom for her. She might not be coming back on Fargo, but she’s got the nod of greatness from those she’s worked with. I suspect that a few fans might echo the sentiments provided in this quote:

Casting has not begun yet, but since Lou’s daughter Molly will only be 4 in 1979, breakout star Allison Tolman will not reprise her Emmy-nominated role and most likely will not play her mother Betsy because Hawley said it felt “gimmicky” but acknowledged “she should be in everything everyone ever makes as far as I’m concerned.” (via)

(Via Vulture / Hitfix / Seattle PI)

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