Oh Boy, We Had Ourselves A Massacre On This Week’s ‘Fargo’

Last season’s penultimate episode of Fargo involved Lorne Malvo giving a wink and the gun in the elevator for one of the bloodiest instances of the season. It was also the episode where Lou Solverson was talking about the infamous “bodies stacked to the second floor” incident. It only seemed right that this season’s penultimate episode (with narration by Martin Freeman) gave a glimpse into said incident. And to think, the whole plot was set off by another cold-blooded killer.

Hanzee wasted no time putting his plan to action.

In order to betray his bosses Hanzee decided to tell Ma Gerhardt that Mike Mulligan was at the hotel that night, and not the cops guarding Ed and Peggy.

And then all this happened.

Oh wait, we need to bump this up a notch. Let’s bring back that UFO from the season premiere.

Peggy was not impressed.

And once Mike finally walked into the situation, he quickly pulled an about face.

So, the season finale will have Ed and Peggy on the run from Hanzee, who himself is on the run from Lou Solverson. I hope he gets his man, because things back home aren’t going so well.