‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Finally Finds An Exciting Story Arc That It Can Sustain

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08.29.16 3 Comments

Fear the Walking Dead has been plagued with a myriad of problems: Poor character development, iffy acting, and mediocre writing. But most of those things can be overcome if the story itself is compelling enough. Critics, after all, have faulted The Walking Dead for many of the same issues over its six seasons, but it remains not only the most watched show on cable, but beloved by most of its viewers. Why? Because within the overall story of these survivors, series creator Robert Kirkman has mapped out some great storylines in the source material that the showrunners have successfully translated onto the screen.

Through the first 13 episodes, Fear the Walking Dead has not only failed to find a compelling storyline, it’s had difficulty sticking to any one of them for long. The main characters dealt with the initial breakout for a few episodes before quickly jumping to a post-apocalyptic America ran by the military before the cast jumped on a yacht and set sail for a series of short arcs and standalone episodes featuring characters who were briefly introduced and then abandoned. The series has never really explored one story for more than two or three episodes, while The Walking Dead has been successful with eight-episode arcs covering the front and back half of each season.

As frustrating (and often boring) as last week’s Nickcentric season 2B premiere was, it seems to have finally moved the series into an intriguing place. This week, Strand, Madison, Ofelia, and Alicia have added a second layer on top of Nick’s arc, and both storylines are heating into legitimately intriguing and exciting arcs.

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